Yearlong Narrative Therapy Program

with Jill Freedman and Gene Combs
: January 23-27, June 5-9, September 18-22 2019

Our yearlong narrative therapy program offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in narrative ideas and practice over the course of a year. The program includes 3 5-day intensive workshops in which you will explore the ideas through discussion, carefully crafted practice activities and interviews. Between these intensives, you will be reading articles and book chapters about narrative ideas and practice and trying out the ideas in your own context. Your group will be meeting monthly via the internet to reflect on the readings and your experience in using the practices. We will encourage you to continue these conversations and support each other through email and social media.

We will focus on: 
• Learning narrative practices and gaining skills through exercises and supervised interviews
• Understanding the theoretical and philosophical positions that support narrative work
• Appreciating the people we work with as the privileged authors of their own stories
• Exploring the role of cultural norms and discourses, in both problematic stories and in preferred stories
• Appreciating the importance of recognizing and building communities in which alternative stories can circulate and take on meaning
• Approaching ethics as ways of being that we embody in bringing forth a just world (rather than as rules we must follow to avoid punishment) 
• Focusing on particular problems and applications of the work tailored to the interests and contexts of group members


Masters Degree Option

The yearlong course, with an additional module, counts toward completion of the Master of Narrative Therapy and Community Work degree from Dulwich Centre and the University of Melbourne. If you enroll in the Masters program you will receive recognition of prior learning for “Advanced Narrative Skills Development.”

The extra module has two components: The first is to record 2 sessions of work, transcribing at least 15 minutes of each of those 2 sessions, and then to engage with a mentor in supervision around these 2 pieces of work.

The second component is to write a 5000 word report of a focused project in which you apply narrative ideas in your context over the course of the yearlong program.

Successful completion of the yearlong program along with the additional work and mentoring will mean that you can complete the Masters program with only one trip to Australia. For more information about the Dulwich Centre Masters program visit the Dulwich Centre website at:

Although this module has been designed to satisfy some of the requirements of the Master program, it is available to any members of the yearlong program who desire this extra level of mentoring.

Regular registration: 
$2,163 USD

Student registration (documentation of student status required): 
$1,648 USD

Masters Degree Option: 
$990 USD (in addition to registration tuition)

If you are registering as a student, please send documentation of your student status to

Payment plans are available. Please contact us if you are interested in setting up a payment plan.


A $300 deposit—which will be refunded if you are not accepted—is due as part of the application process. This will count toward your tuition. 

Please download this application and submit by e-mail to and pay the $309 deposit using the PayPal button below.