Here at Evanston Family Therapy Center, we provide workshops, consultation and supervision for people interested in learning to practice narrative therapy and community work.

We keep our training groups small so that we can tailor our teaching to participants' contexts and interests, and so that we can adjust our pace to individual learning styles. Our ongoing programs are taught by Jill Freedman and Gene Combs, who work closely with every group member. We also host guest faculty from time to time. In addition to Michael White and David Epston, we have sponsored David Denborough, Vicki Dickerson, Jim Duvall, Vanessa Jackson, Bill Madsen, Cheryl White, and Karen Young in recent years.


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We are an approved provider of continuing education credits (CECs) by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation for:

social workers (LCSW/LSW)

professional counselors (LPC/LCPC)

marriage and family therapists (MFT)